When Madeline is not in pursuit of designing meaningful brand identities, you can find her exploring and enjoying the simple pleasures of life in South East Coast QLD. She's a positive, determined and passionate hands on creative who absolutely thrives off helping bring a business to life through thoughtful designs.

The branding studio was officially founded in early 2016 when demand for Madeline's freelance graphic design work grew. Wanting to lay the foundations for something to grow beyond herself she started The Binding, which now continually collaborates closely with likeminded, niche creatives to deliver projects for clients worldwide. The Binding might be located in a laid back coastal town but it's led with a global mindset.



What Drives Us

We're crazy passionate, positive, go-getter, creatives that are obsessed with building brands.

What motivates us is finding what motivates you. We want to know why this business gets you out of bed in the morning; how the idea came about, why you're passionate about it and what keeps you moving forward. Our goal is to find the purpose at the core of the business and reflect that as consistently and strongly at every touch point to your consumers.

We're genuinely interested in getting to know who we're working with and harvesting strong relationships that once the job is complete we can continue to support one another's growth - so prepare to become our new friend.






What We've Been Up To