New Year.

New Branding.


So somehow 2017 has almost come to an end - don't even remember it starting, but whatever. This year we've designed over 'x' new logos for up and coming brands. With each of these comes a collection of concepts that don't get to see the light of day and have their moment. So we've decided to given them some purpose.

Sometimes we get attached to the designs that aren’t chosen. So here they are. 

Sometimes we create concept designs that we fall in love with but the client prefers another. So we thought we'd put these to good use. Since the creative has already been done prices are cheaper than normal.



They're one off - meaning once you purchase we'll remove the design from our store and it'll be exclusive to your brand.



Look through the collection and pick a design you like.


Purchase and fill in business details for the design to be updated to.


We'll package up the logo in appropriate formats and forward through.


What You Receive.

- Formats: print ready - pdf, eps, and web ready - png, jpg.

- Timeframes - design updated and in your inbox in less than 48 hours

- Name changes

- Unique design (no one else gets access to it)

- Excludes any major changes. 


Perfect For:


02. People who needed a logo yesterday - We turn these around in less than 48 hours.