Recent Project: Vintage Black Co

Vintage Black Co have been with us since the beginning and together we've grown as businesses and individuals into what we are today. From our perspective it's personally been amazing to be apart of their journey watching them time and time again slaying goals left, right and centre.

The Binding has helped turn Vintage Black's branding vision and product line into a reality. It all started by establishing a strong logo and brand guideline from which we continue to reference for aesthetic direction to this day with any new designs. Alongside these distinctive visuals as a go to, we've built a great working relationship where every time a new project pops up we can slip into our collaborative mojo with ease, meaning efficient turn arounds and consistent quality results.

04 - Vintage Black-08.png

Services Included:

+ Logo

+ Brand Guidelines

+ Packaging

+ Garments/Merch

+ Business Cards

+ Flyers