Recent Project: Lifestyle Laundry

Lifestyle Laundry is an on demand pickup laundry service that wash your dirty clothes, then fold and deliver them back to you clean all within 24 hours.

In our busy, modern lives time is the most valuable asset, and we all could use a little more of it. So what drives Lifestyle Laundry is the hope that people will utilise their newly freed up time to do the more enjoyable things in life. Whether you want time to eat your greens, hit the gym, connect with friends and family, or spend more time on a project you shouldn’t have to waste time on laundry.

Working with the lovely and down to earth team behind Lifestyle Laundry was a dream. They came to us with a brief for a minimal icon based logo that they could also use as a strong connection to the brand on its own. Our goal was to reflect the laid back and simple but detailed approach of the founder's vision for the future of LL. We chose to reflect this in the choice of aesthetics that embraced open space with a pop of fresh mint colour, clean yet bold type and simple lines for accompanying graphics.

After creating the logo the rest of the brand visuals for the website, social media and marketing materials flowed from there all embracing the minimal and fresh principles. Being a lifestyle brand it was essential to gravitate towards uplifting and inspiring imagery that's impactful in conveying the freshness that you want to feel with newly cleaned clothes.

We loved working with Lifestyle Laundry to create their new logo and overall brand direction and genuinely getting to know the geniuses behind it all. Can't wait to continue being a part of their journey as they encourage others to make the most of their valued time.

Services Include:

+ Logo

+ Brand style guide

+ Social Media Graphics

+ Website Graphics & UX