Recent Project: Good + Clean

We all use deodorant every day, so why should we accept products that are at best unremarkable, and at worst harmful for our health and for the health of our planet? Good & Clean have made it their mission to create the cleanest, most effective and most sustainable deodorant on the market, and that's just the beginning.

I just want to take a moment to share that I LOVE what I do!
Especially when you get to watch client’s journeys unravel as they reach these milestones they initially mentioned when we first went over their vision.
I helped @goodandclean_ with their logo refresh and we’re both so excited and in love with how the final design turned out. With the tagline ‘Every day luxury you can feel good about.’ it was time to update the outdated existing logo to better reflect this ethos. The concepts all revolved around natural elements such as leaves, the ocean and other landscape visuals. To truly make it a unique logo that reflected the business some designs then combined these themes with the abstract use of the letters G & C which you can see in the final logo is used to framed the leaf and wave graphics.

Having that classic minimal but full of character vibe I always try to incorporate into every project this logo will go on to be the visual identity for years to come with its relevant and exclusive details.


Project Details:

+ Logo Design

+ Colour Guidelines

11 Good & Clean-07.png