Recent Project: Beauty of Arcadia

With the initial icon designs I took a lot of inspiration from the natural processes/ethos followed by Beauty of Arcadia and found abstract ways to incorporate nature and balance by deconstructing the forms of the letters and incorporating minimal line graphics like leaves, moon crests and waves.

Any design process kicks off with intentionally driven decisions that lead to coming up with new concepts, but ultimately it comes down to experimenting with details when you begin to bring these ideas to life. So I completely nerded out when I realised that by combining these two styles of fonts and with a little bit of adjusting the bottom detail of the ‘y’ perfectly aligned with the top of the ‘i’ to act as the dot that would normally sit above it.

I also love it when clients connect with your designs and can see the deeper meaning. In Rachel’s words this is why she chose this style “the circle represents the community of my brand, the leaf my plant based approach to beauty and the crescent ties in well with the feminine energy and representation of progression, renewal and transition which is also what I’m doing as a brand in the way of transitioning to a natural beauty lifestyle!” 〰️ makes me want to cry of happines

08 Beauty of Arcadia-33.png