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DIY Essentialism You Can Add To Your Home Office.

If you work from home and have a dedicated workspace it’s so worthwhile putting in the effort to making it your creative getaway where you know you can just get in the groove and stuck into the endless list of to-do’s.

Essentialism in the workspace is all about making sure everything you surround yourself is driven by purpose. Helping you get the task done efficiently and in style all while helping you stick to your values. Here’s a handful of simple DIY essentials you can implement into your workspace now:

Make your to-do list visible

Always having your to-do list on display somewhere means at a single glance you can know what you’ve got coming up, what you’re working on and what’s been completed. The best way to set out a to-do list is have a seperate book, pad or poster that is solely dedicated to this and split it up into three columns: TO DO | DOING | DONE.

Not only does it help with efficiency throughout a job but it’s so good for the mind as well when something is done being able to tick it off and seeing the progress you’re making.

* DIY TIP: Use a large poster or roll of butchers paper to write out the columns and use post it notes for each item. This way you can have a single title for the job and the details listed below and is easily moveable rather than scribbling it out each time and having lists that spread out over lost pages.

Eliminate unnecessary clutter

A clear physical space helps with a clear mind. It’s totally understandable that with some jobs there’s just always going to be stuff laying around to help get it done. So this isn’t about having an empty space, just one that’s filled with with only the essentials that help you get the job done. Start by listing your project goals and what’s needed to help you get there. Then cleanse whatever doesn’t serve a purpose along this process. If things like picture frames and certain styled items aren’t a direct tool in the process but help you get inspired or in the right mindset then that’s perfectly fine to keep.

Questions to continually ask yourself: Do you really need it? Do you actually use it? Does it inspire you?

Remove anything that distracts you from your true purpose.

Business values posters

In the essentialism 101 post we went over mapping out your personal values. Now it’s time to do the same for your business. Knowing your business values will help you so much more when it comes to making a decision. Once you’ve determined these values, use them as a style guide to help make decisions to create a more intentional and fulfilling path. Because what you align with is what you attract more of so be deliberate with the work you take on.

*DIY TIP: Once you’ve outlined your values turn this into a DIY project and make quote posters that you can put on display around your workplace. If you’re not a designer and want them to look nice then try to whip up some layouts – or even better get off technology hand paint them yourself!

A workspace setup should encourage productivity, not procrastination. So craft an intentional space by surrounding yourself with meaningful and practical pieces. You’re more likely to have a connection with items you’ve either made yourself, been gifted or thoughtfully sourced from local labels.