Recent Project: Faking Beautiful


Interview and design process originally posted on Faking Beautiful website

How did you came up with the initial selection of logo concepts?

After talking through ideas and hearing back about the ideal direction for the refresh, the bigger picture of the business and the ultimate clientele Faking Beautiful wanted to attract, it set the foundations in my mind for a pretty distinct style. Overall, aim to keep it minimal and elegant with the use of open space, clean text and simple feminine touches, keeping in mind versatility to seamlessly sit with all the products and services.

This guide was kept in mind all throughout the research and creative process so when it came time to bring ideas to life decisions were made intentionally to reflect this beautiful, quality, professional (but not too serious), and edgy vibe. 


How was the chosen concept evolved from what it was originally to the final version?

Once a concept was decided on I received the feedback to experiment with the details of the floral feature and how it sits in the ‘u’. The stem was replaced with one from another concept with the main appeal being that the lesser detail would come up better when scaled smaller. Then the ‘u’ was slightly curved inwards to reflect the aesthetic of current vases in use. The relevance and practicality of these changes helped take it to the next level and added a bit more character.


What does a typical work day look like for you?

Coffee is the only typical thing in my day haha! Depending on what stage I’m at within a project I could be meeting up with a new potential client, on the hunt for inspiration (getting lost in the endless scrolls on Pinterest or getting out and about looking for fresh scenes), drawing up concepts, working on revisions, liaising with printers, trying to stay on top of emails and so the list goes on. This isn’t just work for logos/branding either. The scope and detail of projects vary so much and that’s what I love about what I do - everyday and is 100% different!


How do you find new clients to work with?

I’d say my two biggest sources of new clients are word of mouth from previous clients and then people finding me online. Something I really try to do is find the balance of working on and within my business and make the effort to put love back into building up a genuine reputation/online presence to keep attracting my dream clients. 


Where do you find your design inspiration?

This depends on the context. If it’s for a specific client project I take a lot of inspiration from finding out their story. What makes them unique? Who do they want to attract? Where do they want to end up? Why did they start? This helps initiate my creative process and ensures there’s purpose behind each design.

Otherwise in general I get a lot of inspiration by getting out and being on the move. There’s inspiration always around us and I’ll always be the overly enthusiastic person that makes everyone stop and look at the colour of the sky, that aged sign, the phase of the moon, or whatever happens to catch my eye.