Find Colour Inspiration in Everyday Life

Colour is a universal visual language and it's the perfect opportunity to set the tone and perception of your business by curating a scheme throughout your digital and print presence. 

Write down a list of emotions and reactions that you want evoke in your audience. Then when you find a scenario that matches this vibe - whether it be directly your business/product/service or a random series of events - snap it, colour pick the key tones from it and use this as a style guide for future content.

Inspiration is everywhere. Here's a few snaps and palettes we've gathered from our own outings.


Ocean Days


Seaside Setups






On The Go




Nature Close Up

There's a lot happening around us and sometimes we just need to stop and allow the time to take it in. Whip out that phone or camera of yours and get snapping to find your go to colour palette.